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Suicide Squad Vol 4

Written by Daisy Chain

September 9, 2021

Suicide Squad Comics Harley Quinn Cosplay | Daisy Chain Cosplay

Harley Quinn is reborn, without The Joker, in 2011’s Suicide Squad Vol 4. Well, sort of…. Harley is no longer in a romantic relationship with Joker, and he is presumed dead. However, she is still insanely infatuated with him.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay

Eventually, The New 52 Harley (mostly) frees her heart of the Joker’s grip and moves on to better romances. Such as Poison Ivy.  But she ain’t there yet in Vol 4 of the Suicide Squad!

“Our boy is a blow-up doll. And NOT the fun kind.”


Photo Credits

Suicide Squad Comics Harley Quinn Cosplay by Daisy Chain Cosplay
Photography by Elite Images Photography
Location: Jackson, MS

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Harley Quinn & Deadshot

The preceding costume was influenced by Suicide Squad Vol. 4 #3. In this issue, Harley Quinn warms up to Deadshot. It felt like a budding romance until Harley pulls a cray cray. She devises a devious plan to get Jokers’ face skin from Gotham PD. She then ties up Deadshot, placing Joker’s face upon his and talking to Deadshot as if he were Joker.

“This reminds me of a joke about a clown car.”

“I say we let it go to voicemail”

— Harley Wuinn Suicide Squad Vol 4 #3

Cowgirl Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Vol. 4 #3
Harley Quinn Selfie   “This reminds me of a joke about a clown car.”  “I say we let it go to voicemail”  — Harley Wuinn Suicide Squad Vol 4 #3

Suicide Squad Comics Harley Quinn Quotes


“Relax, I have a giant hammer.”

“If you really wanted me dead, I’d be in a box.”

“I’m going to squeal! I LOVE zombies!”

“You wouldn’t believe the toys the Gotham PD have”

“By the end of this issue.. half of this team will be DEAD!”

Suicide Squad Comicbook Harley Quinn Cosplay

Suicide Squad Facts

  • The first version of the Suicide Squad debuted in a 1959 issue of The Brave and the Bold.
  • The current Suicide Squad is called Task Force X.
  • Suicide Squad Vol. 1 came out in 1987 and consists of 66 isses.
  • In Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #24 Power Girl joined the Suicide Squad. In #25, she appeared to be dead, and then in #26, she turned up alive.


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