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Sushii Xhyvette – Hot Cosplay Girl

Written by Daisy Chain

September 17, 2021

Sushii Xhyvette - Hot Cosplayer

Sushii Xhyvette is one of my favorite cosplayers. She is both sexy and artistic, making her cosplays stand out as unique and exciting! Sushii is also extremely fun and playful. I can’t wait to hang out with her again! It is a privilege and an honor to interview Sushii Xhyvette.

Sushii Xhyvette - Bodypaint

How long have you been doing cosplay?

I would say since I was a very young girl growing up in Japan; it’s just part of the culture.

What initially got you into cosplay?

My love for clothing and fantasy.

Who is your favorite character to be?

My favorite so far has been Female Predator.


Because I look fierce and no one expects me to talk to them.

Sushii Xhyvette - Chucky

“I guess my butt… The bigger it gets the more people to seem to like me”

What type of content do you post on OnlyFans?

Tons of newds, cosplay lewds, I get in to sploshing a lot, behind the scenes to my movies and shoots, girl on girl foreplay, as well as a lot of butt plug tails and closeups!

How tall are you?

5’ 2.5”

What is your favorite body part?

I guess my butt.


The bigger it gets the more people seem to like me.

Sushii Xhyvette - Sushii Booty
Sushii Xhyvette

Do you prefer to be barefoot or in heels?


What music do you like?


What is your funniest convention story?

One year I cosplayers bondage Rick and walked around the whole convention drinking from a flask in areas you’re not supposed to be drinking; but no one stopped me.

Next time I see you, will you have a pillow fight with me?

Yes; but I won’t go easy just cuz I like ya!


Sushii Xhyvette - Hot Cosplay Girl
Sushii Xhyvette - Hot Cosplay Girl

What projects are you currently working on?

I’ve got a lot of projects on hold due to COVID and money restrictions this year. Lucky for me I have some creative friends who like to work with me and some very helpful fans. I’m in the middle of completing a full red skinned devil Krampus for Xmas and that will bleed on into my full white and black Oni.

Do you cosplay in the bedroom?

My bedroom? Sure; but then I like to leave the room once I’m dressed.

What do you like best about the cosplay community?

The dedication to fandoms.

Who do you think is the sexiest comic book character?

Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

To set things on fire with my mind.

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OnlyFans: /SushiiXhyvette
Twitter: @SushiiXhyvette
IG: @SushiiXhyvette2.0
TikTok: @sushiixhyvette
Snapchat: xhyvette

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